COVID-19 is effecting team productivity ?

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Hunt Goals Together is the team management system which helps to improve your teams productivity. with no upfront cost.

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Welcome to Foxteam

Made for teams

Foxteam is made for teams that want to work together, in fact, our clients say it enables and motivates them to work together. It enables remote teams to be in one virtual office.

Awesome Features

  • Real-Time Attendance
  • Remote Employee attendance (Screenshots & Idle Auto Punchout)
  • On Feild Employee attendance
  • (Geo tracking)
  • In-office attendance
  • Timesheets
  • Project Management
  • Hangouts ( No need a zoom)
  • Notes
  • Todos
  • Lead Management
  • Leave Management

No upfront cost

Just started a new startup don't want to spend on buying that expensive ERP, Attendance, Sales Management, etc software services or paying loads of money to lots of different services and keep figuring out how to integrate them don't worry we are here to help.

Featured Modules



Project Time Sheets

Organisation Chat

Attendance reports

Client Master

Employee Remote Screen shots

Lead Board

Leave Management

What we offer

Real Time Attendance

Attendance which enables real-time In Office / Remote / On Feild. It helps you to collaborate better when your team is spread worldwide.

Awsome Timesheets

We combined timesheets with status reporting so they are religiously done track budgets/status with a timesheet. Keep track of every penny spent in the organization


We have baked real-time video conferencing and screen sharing tools right into FoxTeam so you don't have to spend heavy money on other tools which are not secured too

Lead Management

Manage leads for business development, a great lead board to visualize and track progress, a mobile app to add quick leads and much more features

Project Management

Kanban board that work create board create tasks, and track their progress have a birds-eye view on capacity management agile teams love our kanban boards.

Collbration features

Notes / Tasks / Video-conferencing / Screen sharing /Hours etc. everything just designed for collaboration not just tracking.

Leave Management

Leave management which comes with capacity planning inbuilt with Branch level leave calendar.

Performence tracking (coming soon)

Set goals track achivement and shortcoming work together to improve

Productivity features

Notes, Tasks, etc. a swiss knife which will help your business to grow faster.

Why Choose Us

Foxteam enables teams weather they are newly formed or good old mates, it enables teams to track work budgets and to extract the maximum output with minimal use of resources helping you to grow and achive your goals faster

Timesheets and attendance.

Video chat and kanban boards.

Attendance with In-Office On-Feild and From Home too.

A Swiss knife for business.


Happy clients


Employees Managed


Leads Handled


Projects managed

Pricing Table


0/ month

  • Upto 20 Employee no cost

  • All features included

  • 1 GB Shared Drive

  • No Hidden cost


1000/ month

  • From 21 to 50 employees

  • All features included

  • 3 GB Shared shared drive

  • Access to foxcoins

  • 1000 Rs Flat fees


25Per Employee/ month

  • 25 Rs per employee per month

  • All features included

  • 10 GB Shared shared drive

  • Access to foxcoins

  • No Hidden cost

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